iKuka 1.6 macOS

iKuka 1.6

iKuka is a lightweight assistant application that can display your Mac's network speed, battery, CPU, memory, IP and other information in real time.


  • Display the real-time network speed of Mac, clearly and clearly
  • Display the real-time power of Mac, at a glance
  • Display Mac memory CPU information to help you understand your Mac better
  • Dark theme, light theme, follow the system, switch at any time
  • Real-time local IP address acquisition
  • Quickly set your preferred language in the app, support: Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, Japanese, German, Malay
  • Start-up, convenient and quick
  • Built-in three styles of background - Gradient style, Big Sur style, Monterey style

[Tips]: After downloading, you can go to the settings to turn on the auto-start function at startup ~ This can avoid the trouble of manually starting the app every time the Mac restarts~