Real Keyboard Cleaner 1.32 macOS

Real Keyboard Cleaner 1.32

Keyboard Cleaner locks your MacBook’s entire keyboard for 30 seconds for you to wipe off stains, brush it clean, or anything else!

All keys and hotkey combinations will be blocked - even the power button and most of the Touch Bar keys, so you can clean your computer without needing to shut it down. We hope this app be helpful in maintaining your keyboard clean daily, especially during this tough time.


  • Any Mac (Apple Silicon, Intel) version for macOS Big Sur
  • Block keyboard during 30 seconds countdown
  • All physical keys including the power button and most touch bar keys
  • Detailed startup tip
  • With or without the sound effect
  • Convenient 'auto quit after countdown'
  • 'auto-open at login' tip
  • Option added: the "display interface" menu item