OmniReader Pro 2.6.1 macOS

OmniReader Pro 2.6.1

Read EPUB,CHM,MOBI… use it.. GM Reader is a fully functional book Reader with a simple and beautiful interface and a good reading experience.


  • Supports reading EPUB, CHM and Kindle files.
  • Support single page search and full text search, and highlight search results.
  • Support the forward and backward browsing history.
  • Supports page turning, zooming, and sidebar shrinking.
  • Support page printing.
  • Support to view the basic information of the file.
  • Supports file export to EPUB, PDF.
  • Support to extract all images in the file.
  • Support file coding, deal with the problem of garbled code.
  • Support image adaptive, automatically adjust the size of the picture.


  • All the files you have read will be saved in the bookshelf for quick review next time.
  • Supports file drag and drop addition.