Background Music Abstractor 5.8.5 macOS

Background Music Abstractor 5.8.5

Attention, this software Can Not abstract music data from video, the only function of this software is abstracting obbligato from mp3(or wav, or m4a) file by Ai algorithm.

Operation steps:

  1. Click the folder icon, and select a mp3(or wav, or m4a) song file;
  2. Stay for a while;
  3. Choose the target folder and filename for save the background music, and click 'Save';
  4. Stay for a while;
  5. After processing complete, the app will alert it has been complete, then click 'Confirm' to finished;
  6. Then you can play the background music in the target folder you chose.

FYI, you Can Not play the target background music in the target folder Before the app Alerted 'Write output complete'.