Usher for Mac 2.2 视频采集的完美工具

Usher for Mac是用于管理和查看视频采集的完美工具。
Usher for Mac可以看到存储在iTunes,照片,光圈视频,并通过提供这些藏品的简单控制。您可以添加细节到该视频,然后使用智能播放列表(如在iTunes),即可快速筛选集合中的细节。

你甚至可以使用Apple Remote遥控器硬件来控制播放和选择filma.Tags和属性允许您添加元数据,并且可以下载剧组,导演等。直接从亚马逊。

当使用Usher for Mac,你可以创建播放列表,智能播放列表,捕捉到Vimeo的或YouTube视频,将它们转换为AppleTV的格式或的iDevices等。

New in 1.1.16

New Features:

Added an option to have thumbnails automatically adjust in size (i.e., scale up), depending on how much room there is. You can control this separately for preview mode and cover mode.
Added metadata CSV export - see Usher Help for details.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

Fixed thumbnail preview playback.
Improved compatibility with the Photos database.



System requirements:

  • OS X 10.7 or Later