MenubarX Pro 1.6.9 macOS


MenubarX is a powerful menu bar browser. Pin any websites to the menu bar just like Native Apps. It perfectly supports various Web, WPA, and PWA websites. Enjoy all the WebApps services with just one link. You will instantly get various simulators, like iPhone, iPad, Android or even Kindle.

It is a great productivity tool for Mac power users, making it possible to do anything in the menu bar, including searching, reading, watching videos, listening to music, and playing games with just one click.

Up to 24+ features

  1. Unlimited Tabs
  2. Unlimited Bookmarks
  3. Custom Homepage
  4. Custom Site Icon
  5. Low Memory Usage
  6. Plenty of Web Apps
  7. Pinned Window
  8. Detach Window
  9. Devices Simulator
  10. Switch User-Agent
  11. Resize Responsive
  12. Auto Refresh
  13. Boss Keys
  14. Dark Mode
  15. Shortcuts
  16. 5 Languages Support
  17. Download Manager
  18. Colorful Icon Style
  19. Web Notifications Push
  20. Quick Search
  21. Native App Mode
  22. Background Audio
  23. Local Debugging
  24. Third-Part Integration