Pixel Film Studios - ProLuma for Final Cut Pro X (Mac OS X)

Extract the light out of your image and manipulate it in Final Cut Pro X with PROLUMA from Pixel Film Studios. This collection of 50 light control presets  gives you total control over the color and quality of the light in your scene. PROLUMA doesn't composite a lighting effect over your footage; it works with the light in your footage!

Control the Light
The color and quality of the light in a scene can help set the tone and style of a film. With PROLUMA from Pixel Film Studios, you can take control of the light. Using simple sliders and color selectors, you can take your footage from a warm sunny day to a surreal fantasy land in the click of a mouse.

Works With Your Light
PROLUMA is not a simple video composite technique. This powerful plugin analyzes your footage and works off the existing light in your film. If an object passes in front of the light source in your footage, you can see the lighting effects from PROLUMA change and adjust to the movement.

50 Light Extraction Presets
With 50 light extraction presets and customization options, PROLUMA allows you to take total control your lighting to work perfectly with your footage. Simply browse through the presets in the effects browser and mouse over them to get real-time preview.
Home Page - http://store.pixelfilmstudios.com/plugin/proluma-plugin



System requirements:

  • OS X 10.7 or Later



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