LiveGrade Pro for Mac 3.7 专业级的颜色设置工具

 LiveGrade Pro for Mac是对集及以后的颜色恰到好处,更周到的方式。 LiveGrade在临与外表实时工作提供了无与伦比的自由。
 LiveGrade Pro for Mac允许交互应用颜色校正的HD-SDI或UHD/ 4K*信号从相机将要上设置显示器 - 无论是通过直接控制功能的摄像头和监视器,或通过使用附加的LUT框器件。无论您选择哪种设置,这使得制作团队打造,预览,并直接在设置比美。

数字看成为上设置图像创建过程的一部分 - 与相机设置,光线,和艺术部门会同 - 为了执行下列一个创作意图。

LiveGrade is the just-right, more thoughtful way to have colors on set and beyond. LiveGrade Pro offers unmatched freedom in working with looks in real-time.
LiveGrade allows to interactively apply color corrections to HD-SDI or UHD/4K* signals going from camera to the on-set monitor – either by controlling capable cameras and monitors directly, or by using additional LUT box devices. No matter which setup you choose, this allows the production team to create, preview, and compare looks directly on set.

The digital look becomes part of the image creation process on set – together with camera setup, light, and art department – in order to follow one creative intent.



System requirements:

  • OS X 10.7 or Later



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