Textual IRC Client for Mac 6.0.4 轻量级的IRC客户端

Textual IRC Client是一个轻量级的IRC客户机专为OS X是头脑简单的设计。本文用最好的IRC和建造成一个单一的客户。它的简单易用的功能结合脚本支持使它成为理想的新手到高级用户的IRC客户端。

Textual is a lightweight IRC client created specifically for OS X. It was designed with simplicity in mind. Textual has taken the best of IRC and built it into a single client. Its easy-to-use functionality combined with scripting support makes it an ideal IRC client for novice to advanced users. 

Screenshot 软件截屏:


System requirements 系统要求:

  • OS X 10.7 or Later

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