IK Multimedia Classik Studio Reverb 1.1b (macOS)

IK Multimedia Classik Studio Reverb 1.1b (macOS) | 9 MB
CSR Classik Studio Reverb is a suite of four high-end studio-quality reverbs modeled after popular outboard classics. With CSR, you have over 100 parameter controls per unit for ultimate tweaking and perfecting of your sound. Now everyone can afford the quality sound of classic outboard workhorse signature reverbs in their studio in a convenient low-cpu usage plug-in format.

Plate, Hall, Room & Inverse - The only reverb suite you'll need
CSR Classik Studio Reverb offers in a single product, a suite of 4 high-quality reverb plug-ins: Plate, Hall, Room and Inverse. All have been painstakingly modeled to give you the same signature sound of acclaimed high-quality outboard reverb units. With a myriad of options and parameters to choose from, Classik Studio Reverb is truly a complete, great sounding package that can adapt to any mix situation with ease.

Dual Mode Operation with 100 Adjustable Parameters per Unit
CSR operates within two modes: Easy and Advanced. The Easy mode provides access to basic reverb controls like mix, decay time and level, diffusion, buildup, slope, etc., depending upon which of the 4 units is being used. Advanced mode delves deeper into the fine tuning and response of the unit. Plus, there's a handy "Macro" feature that allows you to deeply assign controls to one of 4 macro sliders for simultaneous adjustment of multiple parameters. What that really means is you have an unprecedented amount of control over how your reverb responds. And it's all Easy.

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System requirements:

  • OS X 10.7 or Later