BAO Mask Avenger 2.7.1 Plugin for After Effects (macOS)

BAO Mask Avenger 2.7.1 Plugin for After Effects (macOS) | 6 MB

Control mask vertices (and tangents) individually using a native plugin in After Effects!

New in version 2

Ram preview conservation. The biggest issue with previous version was Ram preview being invalidated
by the plugin. Mask Avenger 2.0 new baking system avoids this.
3D mask. Mask Avenger now controls mask in 3D, without the use of null layers and expressions.
Masks are then computed faster, and expression writing is simplified.
Background baking. When the mask needs to be modified, Mask Avenger will transform it instantly at
current time, and bake the rest of the work area in the background. This means you can continue working
while Mask Avenger is busy baking. This replaces the « Dynamic » and « bake » modes.
Better shape layers compatibility. Bugs related to « dynamic » mode disappeared with the new baking
Work area and layer's duration don't affect Mask Avenger's computation speed anymore. Of course,
baking 100,000 keyframes takes longer than 10, but the new baking system allows you to continue working
while it is baking.

No more need for Mask Renderer. Mask Avenger now uses AE's own masking function, and runs faster.
Mask preview. Mask avenger 2.0 have a preview system to dynamically show you the changes before they
are applied to the mask. This avoids delay when mask is modified by expressions, other layers or camera.
Control each mask vertex individually

Keyframes, Easing, Expressions and 3D space.
You can choose to work with vertices only or get full control over tangents too.
Integrated scripts will help you with expressions and link mask points to Null layers.
Link mask vertices to tracker points via a simple pick-whip expression.
Use the "freeze" mode to share your project with users who don't have Mask Avenger.
Smart interpolation mode: volume conservation based on gravity center, or independent keyframable anchor point.
Integration with "Free transform" mask tool.
Mask Reader: read position and orientation data of any point along the mask path.
Shape Avenger: apply Mask Avenger to shape layers.
Mask Avenger is a native After Effects plugin.

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System requirements:

  • OS X 10.7 or Later