Pixel Film Studios - ProKeyFrame v1.3 For Final Cut Pro X (Mac OS X)

Pixel Film Studios - ProKeyFrame v1.3 For Final Cut Pro X (Mac OS X) | 3.7 MB
ProKeyframe is a real-time animation tool that allows Final Cut Pro X users to animate pictures, text, or videos along a hand-drawn path.  With the simple click and drag of the mouse, video editors can control the speed and positions of drop zone contents.  ProKeyframe is made exclusively for use in Final Cut Pro X.

Real-Time Animation
ProKeyframe allows drop zone contents (pictures, video, text) to animated to the speed and orientation of a path drawn by any video editor.  Simply toggle on the “Time-Based” path checkbox to trigger real-time animation functions.  Alternatively, uncheck this box to animate contents at a constant speed.
Angle Alignment
ProKeyframe’s “Align Angle” feature automatically rotates drop zone contents to match the angle of the path.  Animating objects that move along paths such as cars, animals, or arrows has never been easier.  Simply insert media into the drop zone and toggle the checkbox.
Animate to the Beat
With ProKeyframe, animating media to the beat of music or sound effects is an absolute breeze.  First, playback a song several times to get into rythmn.  Next, create a path by clicking and dragging the mouse into different directions to the beat of the music & toggle on time-based path.  ProKeyframe will do the rest.
Get Creative
ProKeyframe’s time-based functionality, angle alignment options, and path smoothness control allow Final Cut Pro X users to get creative.  Easily animate automobiles or airplanes on a map, create “draw-on” effects, and even move objects to the beat of music.  The options are endless with ProKeyframe.
Home Page - http://store.pixelfilmstudios.com/product/prokeyframe/



System requirements:

  • OS X 10.7 or Later



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