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War for the Overworld – Crucible 超越世界战争 2016 MAC版 MAC游戏

Tired seize other people's dungeon? You are tired to death stabbed hundreds of bad guys, just to earn a bit of gold but find better shoes? You begin to think that the life of the hero - this is not for you? Welcome to the War for the Overworld! War for the Overworld takes the best of two genres - real-time strategy and simulation god - and allows you to control the underground life. You play as a powerful evil master, who had once been expelled on the air. Driven by an unquenchable thirst for blood and conquest, owns unmatched dark force, he returned to conquer the world! In his absence weakened the Underworld. He trembles in fear of the Empire Surfaces, who scored with strength and confidence as long as quietly resigned and ceased to struggle with evil. Create your dungeon spaces of the world, build a unique room to attract a lot of different creatures that will gladly work and fight for you.

The Emperor is gone and the Empire rudderless, the balance of power easily swayed to any Underlord that is not 600 feet under. You will now assume the role of rival Underlord, Kasita, and with the mentorship of the deliciously sardonic Mendechaus (voiced by Richard Ridings), you will sate your thirst for wealth and power in the golden and volcanic dukedom of Phaestus. 

The word in the Underworld is that Kasita’s heart is a giant gemstone, hewn from the dirt by her prospecting workers. They say molten gold flows through her cavernous, subterranean arteries, and that soon her temper shall erupt in an all-consuming gold rush of greed! Miserly miners beware ... 

Heart of Gold continues where the story left off, with 4 earth-shattering new Campaign levels, a smattering of new defences, units and spells, and a gleaming new Dungeon Theme!


An expanded story told across 4 brand new, fully voice acted Campaign levels, this time played from the perspective of Underlord Kasita. The levels are more open-ended than in the original game, directly addressing feedback from our most loyal players. 
An additional 4 Aspects to master: Sentinel (defence), Gild (spell), Aureate Monolith (construct), and a golden Titan - the Colossus. 
A new Dungeon Theme for Kasita, which includes a Dungeon Core, new tiles and walls, a Worker skin, and a much-requested custom Hand of Evil. 
New terrain, system overhauls, Map Editor features and much more!

Heart of Gold will release alongside patch 1.4, which will introduce a huge range of changes and improvements to the base game including: 

Dynamic tutorial system 
Revamped Titan system 
Revamped combat 
New unit voices, VFX, animations and behaviours 
Significant performance improvements 
New systems such as the peace warband to keep specific units out of combat 
Improved AI which makes use of Titans and Artefacts properly 
Improved UI including a new payday overlay 
Many balance improvements including a revamp of the unit leveling system, making high level units more valuable 
New localisation into French and German



System requirements:

  • OS X 10.7 or Later



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