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Topaz Plug-ins Bundle for Adobe Photoshop (Updated 01.12.2016) (Mac OS X)

原价69.99美金 约人民币428元

Topaz Photoshop Plugins Bundle 2016 是鼎鼎大名的顶级的Photoshop滤镜插件包,整合了10种非常强大易用的优秀滤镜插件!可以帮助你轻松实现梦幻般的效果!这个是2015年12月26号更新的最新版本!滤镜包括曝光滤镜、降噪手绘滤镜、马赛克修复、磨皮降噪、图像锐化、镜头滤镜、抠图滤镜、艺术绘画滤镜等!

- Instantly convert your photos into an exciting art
- Control of the artistic process with an infinitely configurable options
- Use simple, fast and easy to master sliders
- Maximizing productivity through the use of a number of built-in presets
- Save your settings in your own presets
- Take advantage of multiple processors for faster processing
- Use Photoshop smart filter for convenient and non-destructive editing

Topaz Plug-ins Bundle for Adobe Photoshop Seperately Includes:
- Topaz Adjust
- Topaz ReStyle
- Topaz Clarity
- Topaz ReMask
- Topaz B&W Effects 
- Topaz Detail 
- Topaz Simplify 
- Topaz Lens Effects
- Topaz Star Effects
- Topaz Clean 
- Topaz Impression 
- Topaz Glow 
- Topaz DeNoise
- Topaz InFocus 
- Topaz DeJPEG 
- Topaz photoFXlab 

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System requirements 系统要求:

  • OS X 10.7 or Later

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