DB Solo for mac 5.2 SQL数据库开发和管理工具

DB Solo for mac SQL数据库开发和管理工具 最新破解版,该版本主要是修复了 SQLite 相关的很多 bug。
DB Solo 是一款经济且功能强大的跨平台数据库开发和管理工具(非开源)。由于其丰富的功能设置,它与价格更高的其他同等级工具相比毫不逊色。DB Solo拥有直观的用户界面,能让你考察和管理数据库对象,也可执行你自己的ad-hoc查询。DB Solo支持现今各主流操作系统和DBMS产品。

DB Solo - The SQL Query Tool

DB Solo - The SQL Query Tool is a powerful yet affordable cross-platform database development and management tool for both developers and DBAs. With its rich feature set, it is comparable to tools that are orders of magnitude more expensive. DB Solo has an intuitive user interface that allows you to explore and manage your database objects as well as execute your own ad-hoc SQL queries. DB Solo supports most major operating systems and DBMS products available today.
Key Features

Cross-platform SQL Query Tool with support for all major DBMS products
Multiple simultaneous database connections
Browse and manage database structures with a couple of mouse clicks
Create and drop common database objects using the advanced DBA features.
Enter ad-hoc SQL queries in the query window that supports
Auto completion
Syntax coloring
Explain Plan
Persisted query history
Multiple result sets
Schema Scripting Tool
SQL Data Import Tool
SQL Export Tool
Oracle Stored Procedure Editor and Debugger
Stored Procedure Editors for Sybase and SQL Server
J2EE Code Generator for POJOs, EJB 3.0 annotations, JDBC persistence layer using the DAO pattern, JUnit tests, etc.
Schema Comparison Tool - Including Schema Synchronization
Table Data Comparison And Synchronization Tool
Database Search Tool
View table references in a graph or list format
View rows related to a selected table row
View images stored in BLOB columns (GIF, JPG and PNG)
View ASN.1 and XML data in a tree format
Store favorite queries and database objects
DB Solo 5.2 Now Available

DB Solo 5.2 is now available for download. This release of DB Solo contains dozens of bug fixes and new features listed below. Please find the complete list of changes here.

Added a data extraction tool that can extract all related rows in parent/child tables
Schema Comparison Tool can now compare DB2 index clustering
Data Compare Tool SQL script creator can insert a commit after every N statements
Added support for SQL Server extended properties

Home Page - http://www.dbsolo.com/



System requirements:

  • OS X 10.7 or Later



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